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Employee Handbooks and Manuals

For an employee, the importance of reading, following, and retaining your employee handbooks and manuals cannot be stressed enough.  Complying with your company's policies and procedures could be the difference in whether or not you have a viable employment law claim.  

For employers, whether you are a small start-up company or a large corporate entity, it is important that you update your employee handbooks and manuals on a regular basis so that you are in compliance with any changes in the law that may have occurred since your last revisions.  It is equally important that you make your employees aware of your company policies and offer any trainings that may be necessary in order to more fully express the importance and value of your policy provisions.  

O'Hara, Taylor, Sloan & Cassidy is a full service law firm that represents both employees and employers.  For employees, if you think that your co-worker, boss or employer has violated your rights under your employee handbook or manual, our attorneys can discuss the situation with you and advise whether you have a present or anticipated actionable claim.  For employers, our attorneys are skilled at drafting employee handbooks and manuals so that you may avoid future employee complaints based upon your company policies.  

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