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Title VII and Employment Discrimination

Have you been denied a position or a promotion because of discrimination? Have you faced retaliation because you reported discrimination or wrongdoing? Are you the victim of wrongful termination because of gender, race, age, disability, or religion? When you have been the victim of such discrimination or retaliation, it is important that you seek the advice of attorneys experienced in the area of labor and employment law. Our Firm has a lengthy and successful history of representing employees who have been the victims of unlawful discrimination, retaliation or harassment.

Many discrimination cases occur when an employer takes adverse action against a worker, and the employee realizes the possibility of gender, age, race, ethnic, religious or disability discrimination as a factor in the unfavorable decision. Our lawyers can review the details of your situation with you and give you an informed recommendation of the different ways you can protect your rights.

In some situations, we'll be able to resolve the problem through engagement and negotiation with your employer. In a discriminatory discharge case, we might be able to achieve reinstatement, if you want your old job back. In many cases, however, the best options will be negotiated severance or a lawsuit for damages based on our ability to prove discrimination based on race, gender, disability, age or other prohibited grounds.

Both state and federal laws protect employees against discrimination based on race, gender, religion, ethnicity, national origin, age, pregnancy, and disability. If you have been denied a job or a promotion, denied equal pay or benefits, or you have been fired because of your status in one of these protected categories, you have a right to pursue a claim for discrimination under both state and federal law. We encourage you to speak to an attorney experienced in handling employment discrimination cases. Our firm has the experience and commitment to civil rights that can benefit you when you consider selecting an attorney to represent you in the complicated area of state and federal discrimination laws.

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