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Medical Malpractice

Was the injury you received in the hospital a result of medical negligence? As medical malpractice lawyers, we know that is not an easy question. Not every unwanted result of a medical treatment or hospitalization is caused by malpractice. But when negligence causes serious injury or wrongful death, the victim or victim's family should be properly compensated.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious or fatal injury as a result of medical errors, contact our medical malpractice law firm and tell us what happened. We will listen carefully. If it appears medical malpractice may have been involved, we will obtain the relevant medical records and have them reviewed by experts who are recognized as accomplished in that area of medicine. If the expert finds medical errors, we will talk to you about your options and your rights, and pursue the remedies most appropriate to your case.

Our medical negligence attorneys have handled cases involving serious injury as well as wrongful death involving the following areas of medical negligence:

  • Surgical errors
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Cancer misdiagnosis
  • Failure to properly treat brain trauma or injuries
  • Failure to diagnose or negligent delay in diagnosis
  • Insufficient staffing
  • Pharmacy mistakes or medication errors
  • Birth injuries
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Anoxic or hypoxic brain injuries
  • Emergency room errors
  • Hospital errors

We will attempt as prompt a resolution of your case as is possible given the facts of each case. Often that will mean that we will engage in settlement efforts through alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration or mediation to obtain full and fair compensation consistent with the facts of your individual case. If the defendants deny reasonable compensation through negotiations or mediation, our attorneys are fully qualified to achieve the best results that the facts and law applicable to your case allow at trial, whenever necessary.

Our job is to first obtain all medically relevant information and then review that information with highly qualified medical experts in the appropriate field of medicine to determine if your injuries were caused by the negligence of one of your a medical providers. If that proves to be the case, our medical negligence attorneys can provide the representation you need to present the evidence of negligence in a detailed and persuasive terms and work hard on your behalf to obtain full and fair compensation for your injuries.


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