Get to Know Your Lawyer - Arnold Taylor

May 27, 2016  |  Arnold Taylor

          Arnold’s favorite thing about Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati – it’s home.  Arnold grew up in Northern Kentucky and went to high school at Holmes in Covington.  He is surrounded by lifelong friends and family, and this area offers so many different fun things to do.   He is an established and active member of Rotary International in the Covington Rotary Club; Arnold serves as Program Chair of the Kenton County Historical Society; and he is also the Chairman of the Ethics Committee of the Kentucky Judiciary.

          When he is not being active in the community, Arnold loves spending time at home with his family, where he will normally be found reading a book or perfecting his baking skills – French bread and pies are his specialty.  (This author can tell you from personal experience that Arnold’s culinary creations do not disappoint.)  So, why did Arnold decide to go into the legal profession rather than pursuing a baking career, at which he would be a great success? 

          It all started in a little town in Ohio . . . Arnold was selling encyclopedias door-to-door.  Apparently a permit was required for such activities back then.  Who knew?!  Unfortunately Arnold was not aware of the permit requirement at the time and was charged for selling encyclopedias without a permit.  Arnold fearlessly asserted a defense and took his case to court.  Throughout the process, he enjoyed the engaging arguments with the prosecutor so much that Arnold decided to go to law school. 

          Arnold’s experience is a perfect reflection of the common saying, “Everything happens for a reason.”  If Arnold had gotten that sales permit and avoided those charges we may not have the outstanding attorney we know today.