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Employment Contracts, Non-competition, and Non-solicitation Agreements

Employment contracts, non-compete agreements, and agreements not to solicit business are common documents that may be signed at the initiation of employment with a new company.  An employment contract typically spells out the terms of your employment, usually detailing your job description, salary, benefits, and possible reasons for termination.  The signing of an employment contract frequently means that you are no longer an employee-at-will and commonly provides some protections.  

A non-compete agreement is a type of contract presented to an employee by the employer that provides a limitation on the types of jobs the employee can obtain if the employee leaves the company's employment.  These agreements commonly contain provisions that the employee cannot quit their employment and go to work for the company's direct competitor.  The intent behind these agreements is to protect secrets of the trade, and they are more frequently found in employment situations surrounding specialized business knowledge.  

Similarly, a non-solicitation agreement is a document that an employer may present to an employee which would limit an employee's client base within a particular field for a certain amount of time if the employee were to leave the company and get a new job.  It offers some protections to an employer against the risk of an employee quitting his/her job and luring the employer's clients away.  Whether an agreement not to compete will be upheld in court depends greatly on the scope of the limitations placed upon the employee.  

Whether you are trying to get out of your agreements with your employer or you are trying to enforce your agreements, the attorneys at O'Hara, Taylor, Sloan & Cassidy can help.  Serving both employees and employers since 1965, our experienced team can help you determine what options you have and what remedies you may seek.  Contact us to learn more about what rights you have. We offer flexible evening and weekend appointments to better serve you.  

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