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Cohabitation Agreements

Today there are more and more unmarried couples residing together in a committed relationship. Many times, such couples do not consider what will happen should they separate. Unlike married couples, unmarried couples are unable to access the family court system to divide assets and debts or determine child custody and support issues. The family law attorneys at O'Hara, Taylor, Sloan, Cassidy, Beck, PLLC can assist unmarried couples who are living together or thinking about living together to create a document called a co-habitation agreement to set out what rights each person will have should the couple separate in the future.

When two people live together in a committed relationship, they often comingle money, debts, and property. Couples may also have children together. In order to prevent chaos when a co-habitating couple terminates their relationship, a couple needs to create a co-habitation agreement to protect their rights. A co-habitation agreement is similar to a pre-nuptial agreement in that it sets forth each person's responsibilities during the relationship and how assets and debts are to be divided should the relationship terminate.

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