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Employment Contracts, Non-competition, and Non-solicitation Agreements

When you start a new job or leave a position, there is often a mountain of paperwork placed before you, asking for your signature in dozens of places.  Many people sign documents without giving a second look at what rights they may be waiving.  Typical among these documents are employment contracts, non-competition agreements, and non-solicitation agreements. Each of these documents has a specific legal purpose, and our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to make sure you understand, in plain English, what purpose the document serves.

  • Employment Contracts. When you started your job, did you sign an employment contract?  Although these contracts may appear to contain all the terms you wanted in negotiating your new position, it might look different to an experienced employment attorney.
  • Non-competition Agreement. Is your employer asking you to sign a non-compete?  Were you told you cannot accept a job because you signed a non-competition agreement?  The terms of these agreements can be tricky. Our attorneys have experience reviewing and negotiating these agreements to meet your needs.
  • Non-solicitation Agreement. Do you want to switch jobs, but were told you cannot bring your loyal clients with you?  There are some professions which require a book of business, and when you work in a specific field, new clients may be few and far between.  We have experience fighting for your right to keep your hard-earned clients.

Whether you are trying to enforce or escape the terms of your agreement with your employer, the attorneys at O'Hara, Taylor, Sloan, Cassidy, Beck, PLLC can help. Serving both employees and employers since 1963, our experienced team can help you determine what options you have and what remedies you may seek. Contact our office by phone or e-mail to schedule your initial consultation and learn more about how our attorneys can help.