Practice Areas

Divorce, Dissolution, and Legal Separation

From the first time you meet with us, the family law and divorce attorneys at O'Hara, Taylor, Sloan & Cassidy help you understand what realistic objectives look like in your situation. 

Many divorce issues can be resolved through negotiation, compromise, and agreement. Because of the inherent personal conflict and emotional stress of divorce, many family courts encourage, or even require, divorcing spouses to thoroughly explore the options for settlement prior to scheduling a trial. Our experience with mediation can help you get the most out of the mediation process.

We can give you a clear understanding of your legal rights and responsibilities, and help you develop your priorities and goals during a divorce or dissolution. We will help you achieve them in the most direct and efficient manner possible. 

Our divorce attorneys work with divorce clients on the full spectrum of issues that need attention during a separation, divorce, or dissolution, including:

  • Temporary orders 
  • Child custody and parenting time
  • Child support
  • Maintenance and spousal support
  • Property and asset division, including complex assets such as family businesses, professional practices, pensions and retirement accounts, stocks, and real estate
  • Enforcement of a prenuptial agreement



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