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Representation for Drug Charges in Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati

Drug Offenses

If you have been arrested on drug charges ranging from possession of marijuana to involvement in a large-scale heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamine conspiracy, our criminal defense attorneys can advise you about the best ways to approach and resolve your legal problem. 

In cases involving first offenders, options like drug court or deferred prosecution might be available even in cases where the quantity of the drugs or cash seized could support felony distribution or trafficking charges. In other situations, our attorneys will need to consider the entire spectrum of your defense alternatives, such as a challenge to the search warrant or traffic stop, review of the affidavits supporting a wiretap, or other tactics that can help keep the evidence against you out of the court record. We have experience with:

  • Cultivation of marijuana;
  • Unauthorized distribution or possession of marijuana;
  • Manufacture of methamphetamine;
  • Possession with intent to distribute controlled substances based on quantity rather than actual sales;
  • Unauthorized possession or sale of prescription painkillers and other medications;
  • Prescription fraud, forgery or theft;
  • Federal conspiracy charges associated with possession, trafficking or transportation of controlled substances; and
  • Money laundering charges related to state or federal drug offenses.

For more information about how we will protect your rights so that you can avoid or minimize punishment, contact our experienced Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati drug crimes defense attorneys at O'Hara, Taylor, Sloan & Cassidy for your free consultation.  

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