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Severance Packages

Often individuals receive a severance package and they either don’t know whether it is fair, what the confusing legal jargon means, or whether they have any other options. They feel compelled to sign immediately out of fear or even intimidation. The attorneys at O'Hara, Taylor, Sloan, Cassidy, Beck, PLLC can provide you with the assistance needed to negotiate the best deal for you. Our attorneys can help you to understand exactly what you are giving up by accepting the severance package and what other options you may have.

The employment attorneys at O'Hara, Taylor, Sloan, Cassidy, Beck, PLLC have years of experience reviewing and explaining severance agreements.  We take the time to familiarize ourselves with your previous job and discover any possible claims you may still be able to bring against your employer.  It is our goal to make sure you have a full and clear understanding of every word in a lengthy and confusing agreement.  Upon review, we will discuss any potential claims and advise as to your next best options: whether to negotiate the agreement, accept, or decline and pursue legal action.

Although a severance agreement gives you instant monetary gratification, our attorneys urge that you contact us to review your agreement before you sign.  We may be able to uncover unknown claims against your employer or negotiate a higher severance on your behalf. Contact our office by phone or e-mail to schedule your initial consultation and learn more about how our attorneys can help.